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Optimum Healthcare IT’s blog has been published to allow readers to stay up to date with all things Optimum and industry news.

These blog posts are designed to share with readers healthcare IT news, Optimum Healthcare IT thought leadership, analysis on healthcare IT trends, tips, and best practices.

  • How that EHR is Not Working for You?

    Organizations find that they are struggling to successfully balance organizational goals with end-user support, requests for optimization and improvement, while also working to address ongoing maintenance and updates of the system.

  • System Error: How To Avoid The Most Common EHR Implementation Mistakes

    The first common mistake healthcare organizations make during an Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation is a half-hearted effort buying into principles. Learn what to avoid when implementing an EHR and how to avoid common implementation mistakes.

    January 2017

    EHR Implementation

  • On the Receiving End of Epic Community Connect?

    More and more community health systems and community private physicians are considering partnering with a larger health system to implement Epic Community Connect. Why? Many reasons, most being for the continuity and safety of patient care.

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