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June 13, 2017

Testing, It’s Not Just For IT Anymore

Why do you test? When do you test? How deep do you test?  Do you test? These are common questions of an organization implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR). Given the recent onslaught of EHR implementation vendor solutions, there are many horror stories of what can happen if appropriate, consistent and comprehensive testing is not completed. EHR Testing doesn’t begin or end with the implementation, rather it’s a critical element of running an ongoing Information Technology function. The same principles should apply to your organizational testing programs.


Optimum Healthcare IT has supported over 100 clients in the last five years to successfully implement new vendor technologies and solutions.  We offer end-to-end advisory and consulting services for planning, implementation and post go-live optimization, including building and executing a comprehensive testing program. To learn more about our advisory services, please click here to learn more and download our brochure.

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