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As an industry leader in Electronic Health Record (EHR) go-live support, Optimum Healthcare IT has developed SkillMarket, a suite of applications designed to automate multiple processes that are critical to a go-live success. Our system has been designed from the ground-up to eliminate many of the common issues that occur in go-lives. Gone are the days of managing complex and dynamic go-live environments with spreadsheets and antiquated technology that lead to issues such as resources that are double- or even triple-booked, missed departments, last minute scheduling and under-supported staff due to poor documentation during the site survey.

Optimum’s website will be rebranded as SkillMarket. SkillMarket is loaded with many new features and tools to support a full go-live from start to finish. After staffing the best resources, SkillMarket utilizes geolocation data to optimize shift scheduling, hotel assignments, and carpool grouping, minimizing travel time and expense. The SkillMarket scheduling system is an industry first, providing our clients with an online system has been custom designed for the needs of an EHR go-live.

Resource evaluation, compliance, and scheduling at your fingertips

  • Each go-live consultant has a profile page complete with their photo, resume, interview notes, and certifications – so you know who you’re hiring.

  • Each consultant is graded based on a number of criteria including experience, certifications, attitude, and client feedback.

  • Our scheduling system is the first of its kind for go-live support projects.

    With Optimum Healthcare IT’s SkillMarket solution, schedules are automatically generated for not only external consultants for go-live, but also dynamically for your super users, trainers, and software vendor personnel throughout your go-live.

  • Don’t make go-live support decisions blindly.

    With SkillMarket, we deliver real-time reports giving you the insight to staffing levels, budget spend, and much more to help you make the right decisions at the right time.

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