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We are clinicians, product experts and technical experts who know the hospital business from the bottom up.

Our leadership team brings decades of experience, knowledge, and expertise spanning all aspects of healthcare client services. We strongly believe our role is to act as trusted advisors to our clients. Our leadership team are veterans in the field of healthcare IT consulting. We are clinicians, product experts, and technical experts and know the hospital business from the bottom up.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to work with our clients to leverage technology to enable them to provide the highest in quality care possible ensure patient safety and successful outcomes for the people who trust them with their lives. This powerful motivator drives our passion for providing excellent service.

  • Gene Scheurer

    Executive Chairman

    Mr. Gene Scheurer is the Executive Chairman of Optimum Healthcare IT. A trusted business partner for multiple healthcare systems across the U.S. He is a proven leader in the implementation of complex health care IT projects throughout the U.S. In the past five years, he has worked with some of the top healthcare providers to provide flexible clinical application solutions, saving providers millions of dollars in implementation costs. Currently, he and his team are overseeing training and implementation programs, from full-scale project management of large health system implementations to one-member augmentation teams. In addition, he is working closely with multiple government agencies and private sector companies to advance the role of information technology in healthcare.

    As Executive Director of Optimum Healthcare IT, he sets strategies and culture for the company, oversees profit and loss, sits on the board of directors, drives revenue through strategic partnerships and evaluates talent for the growth of his firm. Mr. Scheurer began his career in IT consulting, providing solutions for several large national companies before directing the staffing efforts for Fidelity Information Services, a Fortune 200 company with more than 36,000 employees. As director of staffing for the St. Joe Company (NYSE: JOE), he utilized his IT background to implement an automated recruiting system that streamlined recruiting, reducing costs by more than $700,000 in the first year alone.

    At Optimum, our motivation and passion is about supporting our client’s success and healthy outcomes for their patients.

  • jason-jarrett-optimum-healthcare

    Jason Jarrett

    Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Jason Jarrett is the Chief Executive Officer of Optimum Healthcare IT and is responsible for leading the company’s national business development initiatives. Mr. Jarrett has over 12 years of business development experience with the past 15 years being heavily focused in the Healthcare IT space. During this time, he has been a trusted business partner to multiple healthcare systems across the country.

    Prior to joining Optimum Healthcare IT, Mr. Jarrett founded the Healthcare IT division for a national IT consulting firm. While at that firm he served as a Principal and led the company’s sales and recruiting efforts. During his tenure with that firm, Mr. Jarrett opened all of the company’s regional offices. His primary responsibilities included recruiting, training, and mentoring the Healthcare IT team as well as the Regional Directors, Account Executives, and Recruiters. Mr. Jarrett’s Healthcare IT experience also included a role as the Regional Vice President for a large Healthcare IT consulting firm based in Jacksonville, FL. Mr. Jarrett was responsible for leading the sales, recruiting and consulting efforts for the company’s Nashville operations.

  • Lydia Veal

    Chief Operations Officer & Chief Financial Officer

    Ms. Lydia Veal is the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer for Optimum Healthcare IT. She is responsible for the company’s overall finances, as well as day-to-day operations. She oversees all finance and treasury functions, including financial forecasts, planning, as well as managing financial risk.

    Prior to joining Optimum Healthcare IT, Ms. Veal worked as an internal auditor, implementing Sarbanes-Oxley internal controls and processes and helping companies create financial and operational strategies to increase bottom line growth. Additionally, Ms. Veal was the Director of Finance for the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists where she was responsible for financial reporting, budget administration, and all treasury functions.

    You may be successful, but will you matter?

  • Susie Morgan

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Ms. Susie Morgan is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Optimum Healthcare IT. As a member of the Executive Team, she participates in the development of the organization’s goals, plans, and programs, particularly from the perspective of the impact on human capital.

    Before joining Optimum Healthcare IT, Ms. Morgan worked as an HR Business Partner, serving as a consultant to the senior leadership team with the goal of aligning HR practices to business strategies and initiatives. Additionally, Ms. Morgan was the National HR Team Manager for a national auto retailer where she was responsible for driving the execution of HR and business initiatives in the areas of Organizational Development, Staffing, Performance Management, Associate Relations, Succession planning, and HR communications across 90 locations.

    Ms. Morgan received her Bachelor of Science degree from Christopher Newport University and is an AHRM Senior Certified Professional and an nHRCI certified Senior Professional in Human Resources. Also, she is a member of the Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM).

    Work hard in silence, let your success be the noise.

  • Dr. Sheryl Bushman

    Chief Medical Information Officer

    Dr. Sheryl Bushman joined Optimum Healthcare IT as its Chief Medical Information Officer in 2014. A Board Certified OB/GYN physician, Dr. Bushman transitioned to medical informatics in 2005. During her tenure in the field of medical informatics Dr. Bushman has transformed the delivery of healthcare; implementing the Epic® System EHR in 18 hospitals and hundreds of ambulatory practices across six states.

    Her inpatient implementation experience includes Academic Medical Centers, large multi-state health systems and large and small community hospitals. Her ambulatory experience includes health system integrated (employed) physician practices as well as non-integrated (voluntary) physician practices in almost every specialty and subspecialty. Her passion is problem-solving, change management, leadership mentoring and implementing highly reliable and reproducible processes to hardwire success.

    True leadership is achieved not by reducing people to one’s service but in giving oneself in selfless service to them – Oswald Sanders

  • rebecca-manne-optimum-healthcare-it

    Rebecca Manne, RN, BSN

    Executive VP, Sales Advisory

    Rebecca Manne joined Optimum Healthcare IT as the Practice Director with responsibility for Training and Activation and Support. Ms. Manne brings 35 years of clinical nursing experience ranging from inpatient settings, physician specialty practices, home health, and management roles with the past 10 years focused on healthcare IT. In the healthcare informatics arena, her experiences range from working on key design teams for medication barcode scanning products/systems to fully integrated healthcare records. She has served in many management and leadership roles within a large multi-state health system and a senior leadership role in an academic medical center.

    Becky has served as the leader for key EMR implementation events such as credentialing job fairs, credentialing of trainers, curriculum development with the supporting policies, pre Go-Live events such as workflow walkthrough, study hall concepts and dress rehearsal, as well as command center and activation/ implementation strategies.

    Becky possesses a proven track record for successful management of both application teams and training teams to partner with operational counterparts for successful implementations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and current Epic Certifications in Inpatient Orders and ASAP to version 2012.

  • Michael Hyder, MD, MPH

    Executive VP, Healthcare Delivery

    Michael Hyder, MD, MPH is Executive VP of Health Care Delivery at Optimum Healthcare IT. In his position, he collaborates with stakeholders and leaders within healthcare delivery systems to provide durable transformative solutions to a multitude of contemporary challenges.

    Previously, Dr. Hyder served in senior executive roles within complex, clinically integrated health systems focusing on clinical transformation and data-driven outcomes. As a health system Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Information Officer, Dr. Hyder provided the strategic clinical vision to bridge the gap between information technology and clinical medicine. As Chief Medical Officer for a large multi-specialty physician group, he oversaw the medical management and clinical integration functions, including capacity planning, referral management, and clinical utilization, as well as continuous quality improvement and patient experience programs. As Chief Medical Officer for a regional Accountable Care Organization (ACO), Dr. Hyder led key executives to execute an operational plan that transformed a regional health system to become clinically and financially successful with value based, patient, focused care. Dr. Hyder continues to practice Cardiac Electrophysiology and is board certified in Cardiovascular Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology, and is a fellow of the American College of Cardiology and Heart Rhythm Society.

  • Larry Kaiser

    VP, Marketing

    Mr. Larry Kaiser is the Vice President of Marketing for Optimum Healthcare IT. With over twelve years of Healthcare IT Marketing experience, he is responsible for the company’s overall marketing and go-to-market strategy as well as day-to-day Marketing operations. He is directly responsible for overall corporate marketing direction and translating the company’s business objectives into marketing strategies that drive revenue. Before joining Optimum Healthcare IT, Mr. Kaiser led marketing for a Healthcare IT software vendor. Mr. Kaiser received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Texas.

    It Does Not Make Sense to Hire Chess Players and then Treat Them Like Chess Pieces

  • Paul Canto

    VP,EHR Sales

    Mr. Paul Canto is the Vice President of EHR Sales for Optimum Healthcare IT.

    There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

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