Thought Leadership in Healthcare IT

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Optimum Healthcare IT’s blog has been published to allow readers to stay up to date with all things Optimum and industry news.

These blog posts are designed to share with readers healthcare IT news, Optimum Healthcare IT thought leadership, analysis on healthcare IT trends, tips, and best practices.

  • From the Road – A Consultant’s Perspective, Volume I

    Life as an EHR consultant can be both challenging and rewarding, simultaneously. In this myth-busting feature, we’ve compiled some of the more frequent inaccuracies that we repeatedly hear about this lifestyle.

  • Successfully Moving from Best-of-Breed to an Enterprise LIS

    Many organizations are considering the move from a best-of-breed Laboratory Information System to an Enterprise solution with an innately integrated Laboratory Information System component.

  • Center Stage: Shafin Kalyan, Ancillary Services

    Optimum Healthcare IT’s “Center Stage” series is where we turn the spotlight on Optimum’s executive leaders. In this installment, we talk with Shafin Kalyan, Executive Director, Ancillary Services.

  • How Do You Communicate When You Can’t Communicate?

    When all other systems fail, how quickly can your organization return to normal operation?  Do you have a crisis communication plan?

  • Common risk areas of an ERP implementation

    Healthcare executives are realizing that their ERPs are out of date and cost more to maintain than it is saving them. This leads to the decision that a new system is needed and then a whole new list of challenges arises. Specifically, implementation and adoption.

  • optimum-healthcare-it-jim-feen

    4 Questions with James Feen, SVP and CIO at Southcoast Health

    Optimum Healthcare IT’s “4 Questions with…” executive interview series, where we interview top thought leaders in the Healthcare IT space.

  • HIMSS18: Time for Reflection

    HIMSS18 provided an opportunity for our team to talk with a lot of great people who are just as passionate about improving healthcare through best practices and IT solutions as we are. At Optimum, we are committed to helping our clients improve healthcare delivery by providing world-class consulting services.

    March 2018


  • International Women's Day

    Optimum Healthcare IT Celebrates International Women’s Day

    International Women’s Day has occurred for well over a century and is celebrated by organizations and groups throughout the world.  For perspective on International Women’s Day and their place in Healthcare IT, we asked women at Optimum to weigh in.

  • HIMSS18 Day Two Recap

    The second day of HIMSS18 was jam-packed with activities and knowledge sharing. With experts in Training and Activation, Managed Services, Security, Lab Services, Epic Community Connect and Advisory Services, Booth #1655 has something for just about everyone.

  • HIMSS18 Day One Recap

    Optimum Healthcare IT recaps day 1 of HIMSS18 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read their take on the day’s happenings and get a look at booth #1655.

    March 2018


  • HIMSS18 is Underway for Optimum HIT

    HIMSS18 is underway and the Optimum Healthcare IT team has descended upon Las Vegas, NV for this year’s event.  To kick off the festivities, Optimum’s CEO, Jason Mabry, introduced the keynote speaker at the CHIME 2018 CIO Forum and Optimum was recognized at the Best in KLAS Awards ceremony. 

    March 2018


  • Join Optimum and Clearsense at HIMSS18

    If you are attending HIMSS18, be sure to stop by booth #1655 to visit with the subject matter experts at Optimum Healthcare IT and Clearsense.

    February 2018


  • Five Reasons to Drop by Booth #1655 at HIMSS18

    While you’re looking to maximize your stay in Vegas at HIMSS18 stop by Optimum Healthcare IT’s booth, #1655.  Here are five reasons that will make you glad you did.

  • Center Stage: Jon Straffon, Community Connect

    Welcome to Optimum Healthcare IT’s “Center Stage” series. Our service line leaders have track records of service excellence in Healthcare IT and are passionate about their work. Our goal is to improve healthcare through technology, and these leaders are how we’re getting there.

  • Five Provider Wins from Installing Cupid

    Epic’s Cupid module was designed specifically for Cardiology, but it has proved difficult to implement. There are ways to achieve success.

  • Devise a Plan for HIMSS18

    This year’s HIMSS conference will feature a number of great events.  To make the most of your experience, you need a plan for HIMSS18. 

    February 2018


  • Are You Ready for ERP in the Cloud?

    As healthcare organizations continue to explore new ways to lower their costs, one of the latest technologies being considered is cloud-based ERP systems. The question is: Is your organization ready to utilize an ERP in the cloud?

  • Preparing for HIMSS18

    While preparing for HIMSS18, make sure to familiarize yourself with the event’s sessions and plan for what you want to attend. Download our HIMSS18 Guide today.

    February 2018


  • 3 Questions with Chris Longhurst, CIO at UC San Diego Health

    Optimum Healthcare IT’s “3 Questions with…” executive interview series, where we interview top thought leaders in the Healthcare IT space.

  • M&A Success Dependencies: It’s Not Just About the Bottom Line

    Through Mergers & Acquisitions, organizations can strengthen their ability to offer services across the care continuum; but does that improve care?

  • We Successfully Installed Our New EHR – Why Haven’t Things Changed?

    New software implementations require a change that affects people and processes. The implementation of an organization-wide EHR or ERP software system involves significant change throughout the organization that impacts most, if not all, employees and patients.

  • Guiding Principles to Consider When Using Cerner’s Model Order Sets

    Smaller organizations, which usually cannot afford the subscription maintenance, should consider the Cerner Model Order Sets as part of their Cerner Implementation. hese order sets are based on what other Cerner clients designed, and use within their organizations.

  • Cost Savings from Standardizing the Formulary

    Providers use medications that they’re familiar with & have had success with. Unless there is a compelling reason, they are unlikely to change their prescribing habits. While this may hold true across providers, there are lots of benefits, including cost savings, from standardizing the formulary.

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