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July 12, 2017

Epic Community Connect at Allegheny Health Network

Author: Optimum Healthcare IT

Allegheny Health Network gains ongoing physician confidence in future installs and shortens install timeline by 40%


Allegheny Health Network (AHN) is an integrated health system with $2.64B in revenue. AHN has a team of 2,800 physicians, residents, and fellows, and 18k employees. They have established delivery models in four regions and 200 locations.  AHN is dedicated to providing exceptional care to people in their communities. Their urban, academic, and community focus supports their patient-centered approach to care. AHN’s coordinated health and wellness services ensure they are accountable and responsive to patients from start to finish.


AHN experienced a time of significant growth and realized it was time to move forward with their Community Connect initiative. Previously they had worked with another firm to develop their Community Connect plan. When it came time to put the plan into action, AHN realized they needed a team who had significant real-world experience making Community Connect a success. AHN selected Optimum as their partner because of Optimum’s in-depth knowledge and practical experience. AHN found they got much more than they expected.

Optimum’s Solution

AHN now had a partner who could drill down into their plan, and show specific and precise actions that would make an immediate positive impact on their Community Connect project. Optimum performed a project plan gap analysis and was able to identify challenges and risks just in time. They were then able to avoid, or mitigate those risks, and helped ensure AHN’s success. Optimum fleshed out theory into a clear, and granular plan. Optimum then set up a day-long Community Connect workshop for the AHN team, including the Technical Group.

“We knew that we could call our Optimum project leaders at any time – whenever we needed help, had any concerns, or needed guidance on how to model our Community Connect program – Optimum was there for us.,” said Terry Henderson, Director, of AHN Affiliate  Programs.

To learn more about Optimum’s Epic Community Connect services, please click here.


Optimum was able to jump right in and make immediate contributions. Identifying workflow gaps, working with physicians, answering questions, and setting expectations.

  • Shortened install time by 40%. Time savings improved with each implementation by 50% – reducing an initial 16-20-week implementation down to a 12-week implementation with a goal of 8-10 in the future
  • Physicians and Operational staff knew they were in good hands. Optimum helped build customer trust in AHN’s Community Connect initiative, and for all future Community Connect installs.
  • Population Health – Improved continuity of care and disease management across the organizations.
  • No negative impact on patient care. Patients did not experience a change in care during the Community Connect implementations.
  • Training and Go-live staffing were on point right from the start – From Training, through At-The-Elbow (ATE) support.
  • HR Advisors. Optimum helped close the employment gap by interviewing new employees to ensure they had the right attitude, caliber, and skill-set needed to maintain an independent and successful Community Connect team.

Interested in learning about more results from this project? Download the complete Case Study below.

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