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January 2, 2017

Security Remediation at a Large Academic Medical Center

Author: Optimum Healthcare IT

UC Irvine Health saves $6 million in security remediation costs, and an estimated $5-7 million in breach avoidance, in only 90 days, by using Optimum Healthcare IT’s Security Remediation solutions.


UC Irvine Health is an academic medical center located in Orange, CA. Their annual revenue is $1.2 billion. Their main campus has 411 inpatient beds. UC Irvine Health has 90 large ambulatory clinics, and over 1000 physicians. They serve about 3.1 million people in Orange County. UC Irvine health is committed to bringing personalized, leading-edge care to their patients, and community.


In early 2015, UC Irvine Health had an independent audit firm assess the state of their security.
On a scale of 1-100, they scored a 51. This was a wake-up call to UC Irvine Health Leadership.
Chuck Podesta, CIO, estimates the potential cost of a data breach close to $7 million per
incident. They planned to implement the recommended improvements over the next one to two
years. In response to an exponential increase in cyber activity and breaches across the country
where 110 million people had their healthcare record breached in 2015, UC Irvine Health
realized they could not risk the 1-2-year time frame of their original remediation plan. They knew
they needed to get things done, the right way, as soon as possible.

Optimum’s Solution

UC Irvine Health, with Optimum’s help, quickly gathered a team of an excellent project manager, an experienced CSIO, and skilled experts. In only 90-days they powered through the remediation plan requirements. Podesta estimates the shortened timeline saved ~$6 million. At the end of the 90-day project, Podesta brought the audit firm back for a second full assessment. He was blown away. UC Irvine Health’s score improved from a 51, to an astounding 89. “We are now in a much better place security wise,” said Podesta.

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  • Expectations Exceeded: UC Irvine Health’s earlier score of 51 was improved to an 89, in only 3 months. This impressive change in score would normally take three+ years to accomplish.
  • Reduced Timeline: Optimum was able to shrink a 12-month security remediation plan down to only 90 days – from gathering and bringing the team in, to fully implementing the remediation plan.
  • Reduced Cost: UC Irvine saved ~$6 million in remediation costs.
  • Data Breach Avoidance: UC Irvine Health avoided additional costs of $5-7 million per incident.

Interested in learning about more results from this project? Download the complete Case Study below.

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