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September 5, 2017

Checklist for Preventing Ransomware

Chances are you know someone in healthcare whose organization has suffered a ransomware attack – if you are not careful, you could be next. If you haven’t been hit by ransomware personally, you’re either very lucky, or you’ve taken some proactive steps to protect your computers and files. If you do get infected with ransomware, unless you’ve got back-ups, or the crooks made some kind of cryptographic mistake, you’re left with either paying or losing your locked up files forever.

Prevention is far better than a cure. So here are 5 tips to protect yourself against ransomware.


It is possible, even when following the five items above that you could still suffer a ransomware attack. It is important to dedicate time and resources to your security initiatives. Consider bringing in third party organizations that come into your organization that can conduct timely and efficient audits and proactively manage your privacy protection efforts. Every possible defense should be evaluated and considered to protect your patients’ privacy.

In the end, it is about preventing ransomware, not reacting to it. Learn more about preventing ransomware where by reading our blog post entitled, “Only You Can Prevent Ransomware.”

Download our infographic today to share with your organization.

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