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  • Michael Archuleta
    3 Questions with Michael Archuleta, CIO, Mt. San Rafael Hospital
    In this installment of our "3 Questions with series...", we have 3 questions for Michael Archuleta, CIO, Mt. San Rafael Hospital.
  • ERP Shared Services Success Factors- Part 2
    Consolidation in the healthcare industry has been on the rise, with mergers and acquisitions leading to larger healthcare organizations that are attempting to leverage economies of scale to deliver healthcare at lower costs.
  • Preparing For a Planned Go-Live Staffing Taper
    When a healthcare organization is preparing to bring live an EHR system, the costs are high. From implementation and training, and through go-live, managing the budget is essential. A planned taper is a critical step.

Case Studies

  • Change How You Approach Change in Healthcare
    A systematic approach to change management helps organizations adjust to expectations & skills. With the inevitability of the ever-changing healthcare industry, leaders need to overcome the barriers that result in failure.
  • Are you Preparing for a Cyber Attack? You Should Be
    Healthcare technology has become one of the primary targets of cyber-attacks. It's the responsibility of organizations to care for their patients, including their personal health information. Are you doing everything you can to protect your patients?
  • epic-upgrades-optimum-healthcare-it
    Epic Upgrades are Epic Events
    After everything you’ve gone through, an upgrade can’t be that bad, can it?  It’s just an upgrade, right?  It’s not like you must undergo an entirely new implementation, right? This paper covers key factors of success and potential risks.


  • Q1 2019 Healthcare Data Breaches
    Healthcare data breaches started slowly in 2019 but saw gradual increases through January, eventually averaging one per day. Don’t be a victim of a data breach. Breach avoidance should be your goal. Let Optimum Healthcare IT help you today.
  • 5 Phased Approach to an Epic Upgrade
    Are you ready for the new Epic upgrade cycle of every 3 months? Download this infographic to help plan your next upgrade.
  • 2018 Health Data Breaches Fast Facts
    2018 has seen record-setting pace for mergers and acquisitions, but there is something that is setting records as well, and this one is not as positive. Data Breaches.

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