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Optimum Healthcare IT believes that knowledge is power. Our Insights – thought leadership blogs, white papers, case studies, and infographics – are designed to share analysis on trends, tips, and best practices in healthcare IT as well as healthcare IT news.

As the 2017 Best in KLAS Overall IT Services firm, our experts understand the nuances of healthcare IT. We hope you find this content useful for your technology initiatives and if there are any topics you wish to learn more about, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Optimum Healthcare IT Insights


Healthcare and the Holidays

December 11, 2018

Healthcare and the holidays are an unfortunate pairing. While widely regarded as a happy time, the holidays can also be treacherous. 

Three Steps for Success with Clinical Order Sets

December 5, 2018

Increasing Clinical Order Set usage improves patient safety & providing metrics that can gauge the organization’s clinical efficiency.



Change how you Approach Change in Healthcare

July 17, 2018

A systematic approach to change management helps an organization adjust to new expectations & skills. Given the inevitability of the ever-changing healthcare industry, leaders need to overcome the barriers that result in failure.

Are you Preparing for a Cyber Attack? You Should Be.

March 22, 2018

Healthcare technology has become one of the primary targets of cyber-attacks. It’s the responsibility of organizations to care for their patients, including their personal health information. Are you doing everything you can to protect your patients?


2018 Health Data Breaches Fast Facts

July 25, 2018

2018 has seen record-setting pace for mergers and acquisitions, but there is something that is setting records as well, and this one is not as positive. Data Breaches. According to the Department of Health and Human Services’ HIPAA Breach Reporting Tool website, commonly referred to as the “wall of shame,” there have been 165 breaches … Continue reading “2018 Health Data Breaches Fast Facts”

3 Key Steps To Change Success

July 18, 2018

Healthcare leaders have sought to improve healthcare quality, delivery, efficiency, and customer service by using organizational change as a mechanism for success. Despite all the effort, most large-scale change management programs fail to produce change success. There are no easy answers as to why healthcare leaders find themselves trying to solve the same problems year … Continue reading “3 Key Steps To Change Success”

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