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Optimum Healthcare IT recognizes that healthcare organizations have unique needs. Our Best in KLAS advisory services consultants partner with and advise health system leadership on the best way to approach their largest IT, infrastructure, budgetary, and change management challenges. We take the time to understand your organization, working collaboratively with your staff to customize solutions that are specific and targeted to your needs. We start by listening!

We provide expert advice to our clients on designing strategic, financial, operational, and technological solutions to meet their desired goals, as well as managing regulatory risks to enhance their operations and the bottom line. Our team brings years of healthcare clinical, operational, and IT knowledge. Using our experience and expertise, we design project plans that turn your goals from vision to reality. Working with your staff, we refine the approach, the methodology, and define the resources needed to execute on time and budget. We work with you to make sure you are leveraging your technology to increase the safety and quality of care you provide to your patients throughout the continuum of care. Our priority is your priority; which is making sure you are realizing the full benefits and return on your investment.

Toni Jarrett

Executive Director, Advisory Services

Solutions offered with our Advisory Services:

  • it-strategic-planning

    Technology initiatives can have significant impacts on your organization, but adopting and aligning within the organization can be challenging.

    Optimum Healthcare IT provides experienced and innovative senior IT and clinical strategists that work with your leadership to develop a robust strategic roadmap to optimize your investment while effectively maintaining costs.

  • Transforming care processes and leveraging technology improves the quality of care and management of financial performance.

    Optimum Healthcare IT’s team of clinicians and healthcare business experts can guide you in creating sustainable solutions to enhance your patient’s satisfaction levels, the quality of care delivered, and significantly improving management of financial performance.

  • program-governance

    Understanding readiness and choosing the right vendor for your organization is a critical first step.

    Optimum Healthcare IT’s certified and experienced consultants, as well as our proven methodologies and tools, guide your organization in understanding readiness for an EHR implementation, identify and resolve the gaps to prepare you for such an enterprise initiative and finally, facilitate a vendor selection process that meets the organization’s vision, goals, and objectives.

  • project-management

    For any size project, having the right toolset and methodology is imperative to ensure a smooth implementation of your program.

    Optimum Healthcare IT has a large team of certified Project and Program Managers and Directors who have led thousands of large EHR implementations who will work collaboratively with your team to ensure a seamless delivery of your program. We have a robust and standardized methodology toolset for project and program management that is scalable for any size project.

  • organizational-change-management

    Leveraging organizational tools to help individuals make successful personal transitions resulting in adoption and realization of change.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, our experts can assist you in developing and properly implementing change management and leadership processes that can enable a greater volume of useful change than would be possible without it.

  • regulatory-compliance

    Helping you navigate the complexities of changing regulations to avoid the risks you may face due to non-compliance.

    Optimum Healthcare IT’s consultants are very knowledgeable in healthcare reform and regulatory compliance rules including Core Measures, Meaningful Use, CPOE, ICD-10, and ACOs.

  • From inception to implementation, shifting to value-based care requires a new model of health system operations.

    Optimum Healthcare IT’s certified population health management and ACO consultants can configure your EHR, enabling the aggregation of patient data across multiple systems, leading to a single, actionable patient record and the development of an individualized health improvement plan.

  • prioritization-needs-assessment

    Strategically prioritizing our client’s projects to align with their business goals and objectives.

    Optimum Healthcare IT’s experts work with our clients to create processes such as initial submission & evaluation of projects to IT, designing a strategic weighted, and scored prioritization process driving the right work for execution to align with business objectives & financial goals. Our tool set allows our clients to create a portfolio of projects that reduces IT operational costs, create efficient IT workflows, & reduce waste by eliminating redundant or unnecessary projects, sometimes, even before they get to prioritization. Internal customer satisfaction significantly increases, as does the client’s ROI.

  • Maximizing performance of the revenue cycle to increase revenue and efficiency.

    Healthcare reimbursement is changing drastically and new models are emerging for high deductible consumer plans, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), bundled payments, and new reimbursement methodologies. These new care delivery models are putting pressure on organizations to ensure accurate, fair, and timely reimbursement.

    Optimum Healthcare IT’s team of experts understands that accurate and predictable execution of revenue cycle processes is the key to successful revenue capture. Each process flows into the next and the smallest error early in the process can have a cascading impact on the bottom line. Optimum begins by conducting assessments to identify ways to enhance workflow efficiency and improve patient satisfaction. In the end, Optimum will help you realize significant gains in financial performance.

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