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Massive transformational changes in the healthcare industry are prompting many hospitals and networks to adopt a healthcare analytics approach to ensure their survival and growth. Investment in information technology and business intelligence tools is an important first step in this process. However, cultivating the true value of healthcare’s massive data assets requires a change in perspective, behavior, and, perhaps most importantly, organizational culture. To succeed, organizations need to create a healthcare analytics culture that merges information technology, information management, and information behaviors at every level across the enterprise.

Optimum Healthcare IT relies on a multi-disciplinary team that has the expertise and know-how to help guide you through this journey. Our approach relies on a team composed of analytics consultants, advanced analytics experts, predictive modelers and technology to identify short- and long-term opportunities to our clients. We leverage enterprise-level, vendor-neutral data sources, and solutions to meet the business intelligence & analytics needs of healthcare organizations.


Solutions offered with our Analytics:

  • enterprise-data-management

    Precisely define, easily integrate and effectively retrieve data for both internal and external usage.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, our experts can help you document current capabilities and help develop best practices required to establish a sustainable data management program using the industry-proven Data Management Assessment Model.

  • data-governance

    A cross-functional, enterprise-wide governance process can set you up for success, even through transition economics.

    Let Optimum Healthcare IT assist you with bringing your business and IT organization together to lay a foundation for a data governance culture. This culture will drive the organization towards an optimized state of data collection, storage, and utilization.

  • change-management

    Managing modifications and enhancements within the schedule and setting expectations is key to keeping any initiative on track.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, our expert consultants will assist you in developing your change plan and setting up a change control board (CCB) that allows you to maintain control of and stay informed about your vital initiatives.

  • episodes-of-care

    Managing value-based payment programs.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, we have the tools to help your organization build solutions that provide insight into the care your patients receive.

  • population-health-management

    Aggregate patient data accurately across all resources for better analysis and actionable insight improving clinical and financial outcomes.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, our experts can help develop best practices that deliver outcomes for high-risk patients that result in better benefits and higher levels of engagement.

  • healthy-planet

    A suite of reports, dashboards and workflow tools that compile patient data to easier management of patient populations.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, our experts have the expertise and know-how to assist your organization in moving toward better and more coordinated care for individuals, greater health and disease prevention, and less healthcare expenditure through the implementation of Epic’s Healthy Planet.

  • honest-broker

    A multi-disciplinary approach to honest broker services and de-identified PHI.

    Too often research is left behind. Optimum Healthcare IT can help you implement an effective Honest Broker program, based on our proven model, that provides de-identified health information to approved requestor.

  • data-automation

    Combine process and data management through automation to improve quality and time management.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, our experts can help design and develop complex automated Extract Transform Load (ETL) solutions that are intelligent, self-validating, scalable and high performing.

  • data-bridges

    Eliminate redundancy and improve data consistency by employing data bridges between applications.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, our experts can help design and develop solutions that bridge your existing data applications to get the most out of each, while reducing manual effort and improving data consistency.

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