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Community Connect enables Epic’s customers to extend a shared Electronic Health Record (EHR) to the community. This collaboration allows smaller organizations to have access to a more integrated and robust EHR. As the needs for patient engagement, care coordination, and interoperability grow, extending the capabilities of the Epic EHR to community hospitals, clinics, and physician practices benefits both the community and the patient.

Optimum Healthcare IT has a dedicated Community Connect Advisory Services practice that leverages our knowledge, understanding, and experience with Connect methodologies and tools to strategically align the goals and processes of our clients and extend them into the community. Our Connect experts share lessons learned and best practices. We will help you promote your Connect offering to the community, as well as fully implement once all design decisions are made.

Kelli Mangino & Jon Straffon

Vice Presidents, Community Connect

Solutions offered with our Community Connect:

  • administration

    Engaging your community providers and offering them your technology platform and your workflows.

    Optimum Healthcare IT has done the Stark Law and Stimulus research for you. Learn from our experience setting up your community outreach program.

  • sales-marketing

    Why recreate the wheel? Learn how to develop marketing and sales material and things to consider when deciding your marketing strategy.

    Optimum Healthcare IT has extensive experience working with Epic Community Connect implementations. We provide strategies and tools to help develop brochures, websites, demonstration videos, FAQs, and more.

  • preparation-activities

    All successful implementations come down to preparation and training.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, our team of specialists has extensive experience implementing Community Connect. We have proven success with our methodology, documentation, and implementation tools.

  • tech-support

    Best practices from hardware to connectivity.

    Optimum Healthcare IT has perfected the model to connect community physicians to a health system. We provide you with best practices from hardware to connectivity, interfaces and more.

  • application-build

    Community may require a different build and design than a health system.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, we share lessons learned about building Community Connect for Community Hospitals and Clinics. We assist with your strategy of using a foundation model, governance oversight, and change management.

  • upgrades

    Handling upgrades and new functionality while continuing to install at new sites.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, we have the best practices and communication recommendations to allow you to handle upgrades at sites that are installed while you are still implementing at others.

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