Utilizing a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate back office functions

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In today’s healthcare environment, controlling cost is an essential component of the business – but costs can’t be controlled unless they are properly measured and made visible to decisions makers throughout the organization. With timely and accurate information, healthcare organizations can stay focused on improving the quality of care while making better decisions and lowering the costs of care to patients.  Doing so requires a modern and well-deployed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Optimum Healthcare IT has a dedicated practice focused on assisting healthcare organizations with implementing and optimizing ERP solutions. Our experience includes working with the industry’s leading ERP packages such as Oracle, SAP, Lawson, Peoplesoft, and Pathways. The team at Optimum has extensive experience in financial management, inventory and supply chain management, human resources, back-office shared service and business process optimization.

Optimum HIT Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Solutions offered with our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

  • Independent ERP selection and evaluation services to help an organization make the right decision.

    Selecting the right ERP solution is a challenging decision involving many considerations and needs of different stakeholders. With so many ERP software vendors in the market, you need a partner to guide you through ERP software vendor evaluations to ensure that you make the right decision for today and tomorrow. By taking the time to get to know your organization, and understanding your operational model and people, Optimum Healthcare IT provides leadership in the development of RFPs and leading a cross-functional team through a collaborative process to identify the best fit for your organization.

  • Alignment of ERP implementation with organizational needs and requirements ensuring cost savings and increased productivity.

    Successful ERP implementations include careful planning to ensure that all organizational goals are met in the most efficient manner possible. Unfortunately, many implementations fail not because of the software, but rather the implementation. Optimum Healthcare IT understands that to achieve the desired results, an ERP implementation must be carefully planned to consider available resource and time constraints while minimizing disruption and delays associated with the deployment of enterprise software.

  • Providing the staffing resources necessary to make your ERP implementation a success.

    Most organizations don’t have the internal resource capacity or expertise to handle the complexities and workload of an ERP implementation. To ensure success, organizations often need to expand internal IT teams both in the short- and long-term.

    Optimum Healthcare IT can solve your resource constraints by providing the additional expertise to fulfill project roles that can deliver immediate results and keep the project timeline intact. Whether it’s a short-term technical upgrade, new implementation or migration, Optimum provides the right functional and technical resources the first time.

  • Ensuring the implementation has a plan and guidance to be successful.

    Launching the project properly increases engagement and creates a more effective implementation team. Optimum Healthcare IT provides a charter-driven project initiation methodology that includes identification of project goals, risks, and risk mitigation strategies, project team training and team-building, and setup and leadership of project governance.

  • Developing and implementing a structured change management program is key to a successful ERP implementation.

    Guiding a staff to increase engagement and embrace process change leads to more successful projects and beginning the Change Management activities at the start of a project lays a solid foundation for success. Optimum Healthcare IT provides change management services to help impacted audiences understand why change is occurring and how they can contribute to the future of the organization.

  • A clean master file streamlines data sharing among personnel and departments, increase efficiency across the organization.

    An organization’s master file contains all of its critical data that provides a common point of reference. Well designed, clean, and complete master files are vital to the success of an ERP project. Optimum Healthcare IT can lead the efforts to cleanse and improve master file quality and prevent past problems from transitioning to your new software solution.

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement with current workflows can enhance the productivity of your staff.

    Adopting best practice workflows increases the long-term value of any ERP solution. Optimum Healthcare IT assesses current process and guides the organization to optimize processes using Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen methodologies.

  • A customized plan to train employees and take an ERP system live.

    High quality and well-organized training and support not only improves end users abilities – but also their confidence in the project and new system. Optimum Healthcare IT will develop a training plan and go-live plan that provides the staff with the information and support that they need. Our trainers and at-the-elbow support staff can supplement existing team members during this critical time.

  • Identifying problems and making adjustments to ensure a successful implementation.

    All projects have problems – identifying them early and making adjustments in strategy to overcome those problems is the key to project success. Optimum Healthcare IT provides audit services to provide an honest and complete assessment of the current status and recommend corrective steps to get the project back on track.

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