EHR Implementation


Highly rated expertise with the people and methodologies to ensure that your EHR system is correctly and seamlessly implemented

"Optimum Resources were critical at every step to ensure the smoothest possible technical and cultural adoption of Epic and were key to our success."

- PATRICIA DYSINGER, Vice President & Epic Implementation Project Lead, INTEGRIS

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At Optimum Healthcare IT, we have the right solution for your implementation whether you are a large multi-facility network, an Academic Medical Center, a single hospital, or a physician network. With so many options available for your organization, what differentiates Optimum from the competition is our focus on your success. When you partner with Optimum, you know the team implementing your system has been carefully selected to provide the best fit for your organization. Every team member is a fully-trained, experienced professional who will work with you to understand the uniqueness of your organization to ensure success in your EHR implementation.

Whether you are optimizing, upgrading, or moving to a completely different EHR system, you are making a large financial investment for the care of your patients. You have organizational changes to contend with, staff to train, and meaningful use, compliance and regulatory standards to reach. If the implementation of your EHR isn’t correct, the future care of your patients and the financial stability of your organization could be in jeopardy. Optimum Healthcare IT has the people, the expertise, and the experience to ensure that your EHR is implemented correctly and smoothly.


Leah Kromar

VP, Consulting Services

Solutions offered with our EHR Implementation:

  • ehr-organizational-strategy

    EHR strategies must be formulated carefully based on the current state, guiding principles, and future stated goals.

    Optimum Healthcare IT understands that no two healthcare organizations are the same. An EHR implementation may be the largest and most complex single investment your organization makes. Our leadership and certified consultants are available to advise you on the most efficient and effective course necessary to lead to a successful implementation.

  • pre-implementation-planning

    Planning is the key to success. Having the right plan will ensure a successful implementation and maximized ROI.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, we understand that your organization has unique needs and it is our priority to listen to those needs before your implementation begins.

  • workflow-assessment

    It is imperative that organizations do not simply implement broken processes into a new system.

    Optimum Healthcare IT’s certified clinical and IT consultants encompass a wide area of specialties. Embarking on a new implementation presents the opportunity to assess problem workflows and incorporate improvements. We work with your teams to assess the current workflows and ensure you have the most efficient and effective workflows for your new EHR.

  • Careful design and build are critical to providing the best care to patients.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, we recognize that the electronic health record system (EHR) is the primary technology tool used to provide care to patients. Our certified consultants will work with you to carefully design and build your system, sharing best practices from many years of implementation experiences.

  • testing-quality-assurance

    Once the design and build are complete a rigorous testing plan must be executed to ensure a successful go-live.

    Optimum Healthcare IT has a robust methodology and team for testing. While factoring in the unique needs of different organizations, our proven methodology ensures the systems and interfaces are fine-tuned prior to going live in your organization.

  • training-go-live-support

    Training an entire organization on a new system is a major endeavor. Let us assist you!

    Optimum Healthcare IT offers top-rated KLAS training and support solutions to assist organizations with bringing their systems live, and ensuring users are fully trained and adequately supported throughout their strategic initiatives.

  • optimization

    Optimize your EHR and ensure the system is utilized to maximize efficiency.

    The experts at Optimum Healthcare IT can conduct a follow-up analysis on your EHR once it’s up and running to evaluate whether the system is meeting your needs and goals. Additionally, our certified clinical consultants will review your workflows and make any changes required to ensure they are working optimally.

  • knowledge-transfer-mentoring

    An effective knowledge transfer strategy can provide a clear picture of objectives and reduce confusion.

    With Optimum Healthcare IT, our experts provide powerful mentoring to your newly certified/trained staff at all levels.  We leave you fully prepared to carry on by providing a detailed knowledge transfer process.

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