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In Healthcare, there is room for performance improvement in every organization and every department. It has been estimated that 70% of all medical decisions regarding a patient’s diagnosis, treatment, hospital admission and discharge status are based on information provided by laboratory test results. The clinical laboratory is an essential part of the hospital eco-system. When issues arise within the laboratory, it is often amplified downstream as it can impact all departments that rely on timely and accurate test results.

The laboratory consultants at Optimum Healthcare IT work with healthcare organizations to become a more strategic laboratory operation by identifying with your team the areas of need and improvement. As partners, we provide knowledgeable resources to develop and execute strategic direction and priorities. Our goal is to help organizations improve the quality of testing, optimize operational efficiencies, implement new technologies and software that will help our clients to solve their problems and achieve their goals.

Shafin Kalyan

Executive Director, Ancillary Services

Solutions offered with our Laboratory Services:

  • Integrating Laboratory Information Systems with your Electronic Health Record System.

    Optimum Healthcare IT offers technical training and clinical laboratory consulting services in all clinical laboratory specialties including regulatory, managerial and financial services. Consulting services are provided to all types of clinical laboratories including governmental, academic, hospital, reference and physician office laboratories.

  • When migrating patient and blood product history to a new information system, it’s important that no critical data gets left behind.

    When migrating patient data from legacy software to a new information system, it’s important that no critical data gets left behind. The experienced laboratory consultants at Optimum Healthcare IT can help extract historical data from the legacy database or create a new archive database. Additionally, our specialists can help with the design and build of your new system’s infrastructure.

  • Identify configuration build errors that can negatively affect patient safety.

    Pre-Validation Testing begins with a comprehensive database review that evaluates the system build and specific software settings for omissions, errors, and compliance with CAP Regulatory Guidelines.

    Optimum Healthcare IT provides a summary of findings uncovered during map record and unit testing. Based on this information, Optimum will perform the necessary adjustments to the system and provide required documentation LIS validation.

  • The bridge between your LIS system and your downstream systems or devices.

    Interface testing is critical to the success of any laboratory. Developing and executing test plans that ensure set-up is complete, and the interface is working as designed ensures that the communication between systems or devices is functioning as expected.

    Optimum Healthcare IT will work with you to develop and manage a project plan that includes project initiation, interface validation, and interface build, development and implementation. The testing plan that we develop with you will include unit testing, configuration testing, interface testing, and workflow testing and ensure everything functions accordingly and meets your laboratory’s needs.

  • Optimum follows the International Society for Blood Transfusion (ISBT) guidelines for Validation and Maintaining a Validated State.

    As organizations are faced with ongoing Electronic Health Record (EHR) software changes, federal mandates dictate that Blood Bank Validation occurs to ensure accountability and that patient safety is upheld. Optimum Healthcare IT offers Blood Bank Validation (BBV) services to our clients, including all testing documentation required by the FDA and the AABB.

  • Guiding your project team through the project life cycle of initiation, planning, execution, and shutdown.

    The Project Managers at Optimum Healthcare IT are experienced in balancing tasks, timelines, and deadlines while maximizing resources and minimizing politics. With our focus on Laboratory Information Systems and making sure they interface correctly and perform properly based on your laboratory workflow, our methods allow us to run your project from start to finish or customize a plan that best uses your existing resources.

    Our goal is to help organizations improve the quality of testing, optimize operational efficiencies, implement new technologies and software that help our clients solve their problems and achieve their goals.

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