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Healthcare organizations face increasing risks protecting the data entrusted to them by their customers. The growth in technology adoption, governmental enforcement and regulation, more complex technical and organizational environments, and increased cyber attacks amplify the need for healthcare organizations to mature their information security programs.

Optimum Healthcare IT delivers strategic, operational and execution-based approaches to reducing an organization’s risk posture and avoiding costly breaches. We offer a wide range of services, from strategy development to implementation of risk-reducing technology and processes. We help organizations get a clear picture of their security stance across key areas of people, process, and technology while ensuring their information technology assets are secure and meet regulatory requirements.

Optimum Healthcare IT has deep experience inside healthcare organizations. We understand healthcare operations, the current demands on healthcare IT staff, and the Office of Civil Right’s (OCR) expectations for compliance with HIPAA and HITECH. Our consultants have served as hospital CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs. We have the experience and insight to share industry best practices and solutions to common problems. Whatever the engagement, we deliver an individualized experience, customized to the needs and culture of your organization.

Security Services

Solutions offered with our Security Services:

  • Determining your current state of risk and assuring your resources are focused on the most important things.

    Optimum Healthcare IT specializes in meeting the security, compliance, and risk management needs of healthcare organizations. Our consultants are seasoned experts with a broad understanding of healthcare operations and technology risk. We have assisted many of our clients in assessing their security needs and regulatory compliance levels as well as developing plans to get to the desired future state.

  • Choosing and implementing the most effective security controls and tools.

    Optimum Healthcare IT works with healthcare organizations in various states of risk posture, information security maturity levels, and staff capabilities. Our thorough and systematic approach have helped our clients effectively prioritize and focus their resources on meeting organizational and technical objectives in the shortest time possible.

  • Reducing exposure, data loss, and returning to business as usual quickly is critical when lives are at stake and patient’s personal data are at risk.

    Optimum Healthcare IT believes that being prepared before a security incident or disaster happens is essential to minimizing the impact a potential breach has on your organization. Our team of IT expert consultants works with your team to develop a comprehensive plan, including; procedures, processes, and policies to allow your organization to manage security incidents effectively, respond appropriately and get back to business as usual.

    In the event of an actual breach, our team of security experts can assist your organization with the investigation, reporting and remediation efforts needed to manage and recover from the reportable event.

  • Finding the right people for the job when you need them.

    Optimum Healthcare IT has a wealth of knowledge and expertise of our team members. Our staff has been CISOs and CTOs, as well as security analysts and project managers. We can help augment your staffing needs or serve in the advisory capacity for specific organizational initiatives.

  • Improving the capabilities, flexibility and agility of your organization’s information security program.

    Optimum Healthcare IT has the skills and expertise to assess and identify where your organization can improve and mature your information security program. We have helped our clients understand their staffing needs and functional alignments, optimize their tools and capabilities and get the most of their security dollars.

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