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Top-rated KLAS Training and Activation Services

"On behalf of Southcoast Health System I want to acknowledge the partnership with Optimum for the help with our successful Epic Implementation with application support, at the elbow support but most of all Pre-Live Training."

- MICHELE CORDOVA, MBA, Epic Training Manager

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Training an entire organization for a go-live can be a daunting task. Optimum Healthcare IT offers top-rated KLAS training and activation solutions to assist organizations with bringing their systems live and ensuring users are fully trained and adequately supported throughout their strategic initiatives. With an abundance of go-live resources ready to accompany your staff through any transformation, our training and support solutions are fully managed and designed to align with your training and support needs throughout your application ownership lifecycle.

We work with organizational leadership to manage training, coordinate room assignments, navigate clinician schedules and ensure that your team is ready for your activation. We provide professional, application-specific clinical and non-clinical trainers and instructional designers to ensure that your staff receives the highest caliber of training. Our resources are ready to accompany your staff through this organizational transformation by providing at-the-elbow support and any additional hands-on training in the weeks following the activation. Our goal is to provide enough support to allow your staff to remain focused on their job of providing quality patient care during the transition to your new system. We’ve been there! Let us guide you!


Rebecca Manne, RN, BSN

Executive VP, Sales Advisory

Solutions offered with our Training & Activation:

  • readiness-activation

    Top-rated KLAS training and support solutions to bring systems live, and ensure users are fully trained and adequately supported.

    The resources at Optimum Healthcare IT are experts in Epic go-live project management and delivery. Our go-live support team brings a track record of success using our proven methodologies. With an abundance of go-live resources ready to accompany your staff through any size engagement, our training and support solutions are designed to align with your training and support needs and managed during implementation, steady state, and optimization.

    Our methodology beings with a project planning session and continues through the duration as we partner with you, closely monitoring every aspect of your go-live activities, including, but not limited to Go-Live Readiness Assessment (GLRA), Command Center Planning, and Command Center Support & Help Desk.

  • appointment-conversion

    Electronic data conversion plans rarely meet all conversion requirements. Identifying and planning for manual support needs is critical.

    In any implementation, achieving all electronic data conversions from legacy systems is not always possible. Optimum Healthcare IT has the expertise to review the appointment conversion plan and make a close prediction for the staffing requirements needed for the manual conversion of the data missed during the electronic process. This enables us to partner with our clients, before go-live, to provide their staff with at-the-elbow (ATE) support in a production environment, to reinforce the Epic education each resource learned in training.

    The ATE support during appointment conversion is an excellent way to increase the proficiency of the client’s scheduling staff and allows for individualized mentoring of any outstanding questions the staff may have had from training. The result is a quicker return to baseline throughput times and tapering of ATE support during the actual go-live phase.

  • device-assessment

    Installation of EHRs requires new hardware infrastructure to run efficiently. Early assessments are the key to success.

    EHR systems require a device and hardware environment able to support the creation, maintenance, and transmission of electronic records securely, reliably, and cost-effectively. At Optimum Healthcare IT, our certified technical resources conduct a thorough assessment to ensure the configuration of your infrastructure environment is optimal to support peak performance from your EHR. Recommendations made from this assessment ensure that the EHR will run efficiently and allow for the maximum return on investment.

  • A well-designed and implemented training plan and program is imperative to the success of an EHR go-live.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, we understand the importance of a comprehensive training plan & program. Our top-rated KLAS training/activation methodologies are based on years of experience, take into account the unique requirements of each client, have proven successful regardless of the size or complexity of the go-live. From pre-planning through execution to optimization, Optimum provides the experience, tools and methodologies to maximize your organization’s EHR investment.

  • superuser-program

    A critical role that provides answers to help teams go through a smooth implementation and get up to speed quickly.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, our leaders are engaged in the readiness activities and participate in the content and delivery of super-user huddles leading up to go-live. We stress the proper development and coaching of super-users, because, at the end of the training and activation project, our goal is to enable our client to be self-sufficient in the ongoing support the system.

  • personalization-labs

    Improving quality by configuring the EHR to capture data with voice recognition.

    Physicians have been using voice recognition programs for many years to capture notes. Now, improvements in EHRs are allowing them to use this feature in ways that improve efficiencies, enhance quality, and improve the patient experience far beyond anything seen before. Optimum Healthcare IT’s experts assist clients in personalizing their EHRs in ways which allow them to capture data via voice recognition whether it is free-text data, discrete data, or formatted data.

    The goal is always “real-time” documentation with any EHR implementation. With strong attendance by providers in personalization labs and the appropriate expertise supporting these labs, providers will maximize the efficiencies of “smart” tools in Epic, as well as have guidance on expeditious documentation from simple to complex notes, letters, H&P’s, etc. These efficiencies gained during personalization labs allows for real-time documentation which often allows for improved interaction with the patient. Strong support during personalization with relevant tools and templates built out directly correlates to a return of baseline productivity for providers and their support staff.

  • technical-operational-dress

    Dress rehearsals combine new technology with redesigned processes allowing providers and staff to test before go-live.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, we know the importance of dress rehearsals. Our methodology includes dress rehearsals at key points prior to go-live to ensure early detection and resolution of issues allowing changes, refinements and retesting of the new technology and processes. Performing dress rehearsals engage care providers prior to go-live, which eases anxiety, and increases adoption levels, which is critical for demonstrating Meaningful Use. Planning is an important part of successful dress rehearsals. Our methodology takes the mystery out of this activity with multiple checklists in the days leading up to go-live day.

  • cutover-planning

    At go-live, a cutover plan is critical. It details who, what, and how activities occur.

    At Optimum Healthcare IT, we believe that there shouldn’t be any mysteries during a go-live. Our teams of experts work with your organization to provide a detailed cutover plan. This integral piece of an EHR go-live details who does what, when they do it, how it should be done, who is in charge, how to escalate an issue, how to manage issues, identifies stakeholders, defines key decision points, identifies go/no-go decision points, and has rollback plans for each decision point. During a go-live, there is no room for error.

  • security-login

    Organizational access management is more complicated than simply assigning passwords to users.

    Optimum’s experts understand that identity and access controls are processes that specify what users can do on a system, what they can access by role and operations they can perform. They safeguard patient’s data and ensure that only users with a specific “need to know” and the appropriate authority can access a system. We work with our clients to secure their systems based on process-oriented roles ensuring users rights are defined by the processes they perform.

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